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10011 SE Division #301
(503) 256-2654

ChiroCare Chiropractic

The doctors at ChiroCare offer a safe and natural therapy for the management of a multitude of musculo-skeletal complaints. Including auto accidentswork injuriessports injuries or chronic neck and back pain. It’s our job to make you feel better!

We specialize in:

Chiropractic Therapy | Therapeutic Massage | Rehabilitation Therapy | Whiplash Injuries | Disc Injuries | Sports Injuries | Work Injuries

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What our clients are saying about us

Chirocare is a very professional and caring facility. I started going here after a bad rear end car crash. Quickly I was put into a plan of healing. Dr. Hathaway timed each segment of my treatment perfectly. The pain I was in decreased rapidly and treatments were added as I healed that never caused me any discomfort. I have recovered strong and I am grateful for their care and also for curing my fear of chiropractic care. The massage treatments that were integrated into my healing plan were amazing! They handled personal injury payments, worked with my schedule and treated me with respect. I highly recommend for car accident injury and also for regular chiropractic care.


Started going here after issues with carpel tunnel from work, they were very polite and helpful. I have been going back for the last four months and the staff is very welcoming and respectful of my needs. I feel very comfortable with their work and have seen great results!

Nick PattenGoogle Review

I started going here about a month after I hurt my back. I was really upset because I couldn't continue the sports I loved. After the first visit with the doctors here I was back at it the next day. The doctors are knowledgeable and friendly, and the staff is really helpful and sweet. I drive all the way from Beaverton just to be seen here and it is so worth it!

Cecilia RemapGoogle Review